Taizé Prayer
Taizé (Tay-zay) prayer is a style of Christian worship that combines song, scripture, silence, and intercessory prayer.  It often takes place in a candle-lit setting around a cross.  The style is based on the communal prayer of an ecumenical community of brothers in Taizé, France, whose lives are dedicated to living the gospel message of peace and reconciliation.  The meaning and practices of Taizé have spread throughout the world.  Services have been held in Fresno at First Congregational Church, St. Anthony’s of Padua Catholic Church, and Holy Family Episcopal Church. You are cordially invited to attend any or all of them.
Taizé is a tiny village hidden away in the southeast corner of France.  In 1940 Brother Roger Schutz, the son of a Calvinist minister, came to Taizé to live his dream of founding a community dedicated to Christ and the gospels.   It was wartime.  For two years, Brother Roger lived alone.  His house became a place of welcome for refugees, especially Jews, fleeing from the Nazi occupation.  By 1949 seven brothers from different Christian denominations had joined him.  They made a life commitment to live together in joy, simplicity, and mercy as a parable of community and as a sign of reconciliation, centering their lives around daily communal prayer.   Today the Taizé community of more than 80 brothers is not only ecumenical, but also international, with its members coming from countries throughout the world.  They conduct three prayer services daily and lead Bible discussion groups and retreats. Gradually, young adults began coming to Taizé in ever increasing numbers, resulting in the brothers starting annual, week-long “Councils of Youth” held in different European countries and now, in other countries around the world. The spirit of Taizé prayer is to maintain the integrity and focus of its late founder and his followers in the quest to achieve world peace and reconciliation by creating a place of spiritual communion for all people.
Taizé Fresno Prayer services in the style of Taizé